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Board Members

As leaders of the community, our Board of Directors are determined to provide a better Milwaukee experience for the residents and business owners who live and operate in the MLK Village.

Our Director

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Executive Director

Nicole Robbins

Our Board

Jim Milner

Board member

M.A. Brown

Board member

Kevin Newell

Board member

Genyne Edwards​

Board member

Robert J. Isabell

Board member

Clifton Phelps

Board member

LaMarr Franklin

Board member

Eloise Luckett

Board member

Ben E. Johnson

President – Board Chair

McArthur Weddle


Kenneth F. Little


Tracey Carson


Clarence P. Hill​

Board member

Honorably Recognized Members


Welfrord Sanders

Executive Director




Ms. Gwen Jackson​

Founding Member





Pivotal to our success. When it comes to our property, we take every measure to address issues such as health, safety, performance, durability, are We believe every resident and business owner within the MLK Village deserves a community that nurtures opportunity and diversity while also providing a sense of security. Every property and project associated with MLKEDC is given an in-depth analysis to understand the potential it holds and how it can best enhance our growing community. We cherish the rich history and culture that makes the MLK Village unique and we are sensitive to the issues our community faces every day. Educating new home and business owners on financial management life cycle cost, affordable operating cost, balanced initial cost, environmental impact, historically sensitive exteriors, and embracing local culture.

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