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No better place than the “The Village”


MLK Homes is an initiative sparked by MLKEDC involving the acquisition and rehabilitation of existing single-family and duplex properties and the subsequent resale of those properties to MLK Village owner-occupants. MLK Homes embraces the cultural diversity that makes the MLK Village unique by employing a multidisciplinary team comprised of mostly minority and women owned businesses and graduates of the ACRE program to oversee all phases and aspects of transformation regarding these properties. Their areas of focus include health and safety, durability and performance, life cycle cost, balanced initial cost, affordable operating cost, a respect for historically sensitive exteriors, and environmental impact.


MLK Village is more than a group of neighborhoods. It is an initiative to create lasting opportunity for residents living and working in our community. As with interpersonal relationships, neighborhoods need to look out for one another in order to create a synergy within the city that expands beyond the illusion of neighborhood boundaries. Our community-minded approach is dedicated to strengthening neighbor relations and building safer communities while enhancing opportunities for success. MLKEDC upgrades the living conditions for low-and moderate-income households by developing affordable housing and constructing commercial and office facilities built to serve the MLK Village neighborhoods.

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Calling the "MLK Village" has never been more exciting! Be the part of community. MLK Village.

It takes a village to bring lasting results. Do your part today!

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